Have you played “And then what happened?” around the dinner table? One person sets up a story, follows it through for a little while, then looks at the next person and says, “And then what happened?” That person has to pick up the story, and then the next person, etc.

In honor of the long tradition of story telling in our region and in the spirit of summer fun, the Adirondack Center for Writing  has started this collaborative story project and invite everyone of all ages to join us in crafting some new Adirondack stories.

Part storytelling game, part narrative free-for-all, this project encourages people  to contribute to some part of the story. Participate on your own or with a group of friends, it’s easy to do! Just jump in and take the story in whatever direction you choose. Feel free to contribute 5 words, 5 sentences or 5 paragraphs, however the muse strikes you! And posting multiple times is encouraged….The point is to have a community-driven writing process.

To start, we’ll have 3 different story lines and will swap them out for fresh ones when they feel finished. Click the typewriters below to get started!